My Books

 1. Love is Blind

Niranjan, a software engineer goes to the USA to work at a client place and falls in love with an American girl, Jennifer. Niranjan tries all his ways to win Jennifer’s heart before she agrees to become his friend to hang with. However, the lovers faces much resistance from Jennifer’s brother, James while they go and see the places in the USA. A multi-cultural romantic story set in the USA

2. Rohita

MILIND, a software Engineer working in America, is in love with his girlfriend ESHA. But he is forced to marry ROHITA by his father, RISHI. If Milind goes against his parent’s wishes, he would lose his family fortune worth crores of rupees. He plans to leave Rohita in America and come back to reunite with Esha after one year. Will he become successful in his plan?

3. The Betrayed Bride

When VEENA HEGDE’s engagement broke, she decides to go to Bangalore to stand on her own. Her mother meets her friend whose son, KRISHNAGOUDA, lives in Bangalore. They decide to send Veena to Krishna’s place and seek his help in getting her a job.
On one fine day, Veena travels to Bangalore along with Krishna.
Veena struggles to get accustomed to the city environment, but will manage later on with the help of Krishna. After a few days, Krishna applies for suitable jobs for Veena. At first, Veena faces difficulties in the interviews and fails to get through them. Her half-completed graduation degree also adds to her debacle. Krishna tries to teach her how to face the interviews with confidence. Eventually, she becomes successful in securing a job in a small scale industry.
In the meantime, Krishna gets attracted to Veena but he is apprehensive of they both belonging to different communities – he belonged to Gouda and Veena to Bunt communities.And Krishna having a son also prevents him from proposing to her. He suppresses his urge to talkto Veena and to his elders.
Veena at first struggles at her job but later on learns to do it right with the help of her employer, Girish.
Krishna is happy that Veena is taking care of his son well and decides to reveal to his mother about his intention to marry Veena.
However, Veena falls in love with Girish. Girish takes her to client’s places and restaurants and develops an intimate relationship with Veena.
Though Veena thinks of marrying Krishna and taking care of his son, her past bitter experience of broken engagement makes her remain in love with Girish.
One day, Veena visits Girish’s home to meet his parents. She realizes that Girish’s parents are not comfortable with Veena’s rural upbringing. Later on, Veena also finds that Girish is a womanizer. Meanwhile, Krishna gets to know that Veena is in love with Girish.
Krishna, not wanting to lose Veena, takes her back to his hometown to speak with theirelders. He conveys his interest to his parents and Veena’s mother. The elders, at first protest because of the caste difference, but agrees later to bless them. They arrange for Krishna’s and Veena’s marriage.

4. Lover’s Courage

Vivek hires Snehal to teach students in his educational institution and they fall in love with each other. But Snehal is already engaged to Ranjit and her parents insists she get married to Ranjit. Will Vivek and Snehal find enough courage to battle for their union in spite of their elders blocking their way?