The First Draft

First Draft

Once you conceive an idea of a story in your mind, the next important thing is to create 75,000 words or so of entertaining fiction. You can start writing with only the kernel of an idea. The kernel will guide you till you write the last chapter. Or you can plot the novel well in advance with proper events that take place in your story.

Plotters will plan and write the story events before writing the first word of the novel. And pantsersĀ are known to write with their seats of the pants, writing with some sense of freedom. Both plotters and pantsers will reach their end of the novel, but the quality of the story depends on how well the novel is written.

Write events, scenes, dialogues, and descriptions. Let the words flow from your mind and hands in the first draft. Write whatever comes to your mind. But write.

It’s okay to skip the scene as you’re writing and add it later when you feel comfortable writing it. Use your imagination to turn that initial draft into a complete story. Make sure that you complete the first draft before you rewrite or edit.

First drafts have a lot of errors and problems. Writers need not worry about its weaknesses. It is allowed to be lacking. But it’s not allowed to remain that way. The first draft is just a beginning which means there is more. You don’t need to be ashamed of it and don’t need to show it to others. The first draft is allowed to be messy, bloated and full of loopholes. It’s allowed to be too much and too little at the same time. The first draft is meant to rip apart and reform it; to change it and to mangle it.

Give yourself something to with a first draft and then go to work. Tackle the deep and wide tasks of rewriting and editing.




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