Fiction Elements

Know the fiction elements before you start writing your novel

Your story should contain all the fiction elements in it. An idea can be a single line, but that idea is changed into a four hundred pages manuscript through fiction elements. You need to select a proper setting, build the characters, and progress the plot to come out with a good story.

So what are the fiction elements?

It consists of Setting, Theme, Character, ConElements of Fictionflict, Plot and Point of view.

Your story must have all the elements balanced in it to make it a perfect piece. You need to know how best you can manipulate, and how best they can play off one another to create memorable stories.

Here is the brief description of each of the fiction elements:

Setting: The place or surrounding where your story is set. It’s a locality where your characters interact with each other, and progress the plot ahead.

Theme: It’s a subject on which the story is based. For example, the theme in the frozen is true love and protecting someone who is in danger.

Character: They are the fictional character or persons who interact in your story, and move the plot ahead.

Conflict: Conflict is the tension built up in the story. Without conflict, one will lose the interest level of the reader.

Plot: It’s a story structure or blue print which you create before you start writing the sentences. Some writers plot the novel before hand while others simply write (called as pantsers)

Point of View: It’s a narrator’s position in relationship with the story told. It can be of first person or third person point of views.

So what’s your experience in using these set of fiction elements when you wrote your novel?


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